Investing In Your Child's                           Future


School Hours

Half Day Hours 


Full Day Hours are either

9:00 to 3:15

or 9:15 to 3:30

A North Whidbey Kid’s Academy education is a long-term investment in your child’s future and its value is priceless.

2021–2022 Yearly Tuition Rates (September through June)

          Pre-K (2 Half-days)                                                                                  $2,000

          Pre-K (3 Half-days)                                                                                  $2,500

          Pre-K (4 Half-days/2 Full days)                                                            $3,000

         Pre-K (5 Half-days/3 Full days)                                                            $3,500

         Pre-K (5 Full days)                                                                                    $5,000

         Kindergarten                                                                                             $5,000

         Grade 1                                                                                                        $5,000

         Grade 2                                                                                                        $5,000

There is a $50.00 non-refundable registration fee.

Payment Plans

North Whidbey Kid's Academy is committed to partnering with families to ensure a smooth tuition payment process throughout each school year.  Above prices reflect the YEARLY tuition.

Families may select one of three payment plan options offered by the School:

the one-payment, two-payment, or ten-payment plan (monthly payment). 

Families select a payment plan for the school year when they submit their enrollment or               re-enrollment contract.

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